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Reasons Clients Choose Bass Point Realty 


1. We Are More Than a Little Bit Loyal. 

Whether buying or selling, dedicated single agency representation means we will be your (and only your) representative.  No Double Dipping!  It is impossible to represent a buyer and a seller fairly in the same transaction. We will never do it, ever!

2. Transparency

Our business is straightforward, completely transparent and based entirely on a relationship of hard-earned, rock-solid trust between you and us. We want you to know everything that's going on, from the negotiations to the regulations, to the fine print in the contracts.  There is nothing behind the curtain at Bass Point Realty. 

3. We Love Sharing This Island

We’ve lived here a long time; we love every inch of this island. We feel strongly about sharing it with people who appreciate it as much as we do.

 4. We Are a True Team

Our competition comes from outside the firm, not inside.  

Team with Bass Point Realty