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"Seasons spinning 'round again, the years keep rolling by."

Harry Chapin 

Just before the 4th of July and as regular as the tides comes this cheerful hallmark of early summer season!  First catalogued on Nantucket Beaches in the 1830’s, this rugged survivor grows on south facing banks at the edge of the marsh.  Just high enough that it is not normally underwater, it does see its share of storm surges and high water events.  As the rhythms of the natural world influence the agricultural calendar influences the school calendar and forms Nantucket’s vacation season, the less regular rhythms of world financial markets ebb and flow through the Nantucket real estate market.  One certainty marks the start of the summer season. You can bet on a cyber

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Great Point Nantucket

So, Captain Oscar has had this page to himself for a suitable time now and allows as it is time to share. Yesterday I was reminded of a tune by Harry Chapin, all about life's circle: "Seasons coming 'round again…and the years keep rolling by!" 

This image was taken at Great Point in the early afternoon. Earlier in the day we saw a baptism/christening service happening by the mooring field AND had the pleasure of seeing old friends down by the dinghy rack.  Salty old stalwart friends (they may have camped out on Coatue Saturday night).

A mighty fine first Sunday in June. 



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Oscar Bunting left this world on May 28, 2015, age 83. 

He had been married to cousin Joan for near fifty years, and together they raised six beautiful and accomplished daughters, and loved their grandchildren.

Oscar grew up here and stayed.  Earned his living the old fashioned way - almost entirely on the waterfront.  Scalloping every winter, fishing, shell-fishing through the seasons -- my memories begin in the 1960's summers, with his whole family on Jetties beach all day -- every day - rent you a beach umbrella, a small sailboat, or a skiff with an outboard motor; try your hand at water-skiing, anything recreational on the water or at water's edge (no windsurfing, jet-skiing, or kite boarding, then).  Years later Oscar reminisced about the

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In mid-August last year I was describing some of my experiences at a large real estate agency.  We were on the boat, off of Quaise and as I wondered where life was heading, my companion knew:  “Looks like Bass Point Realty!”  I do plan to write more, soon, of where life's journey has taken me, and what Bass Point Realty is all about. 

Today we introduce: Bass Point Realty  


I snapped this image up at Bass Point, at dawn, on August 30, 2014.  A new day, for me and for Bass Point Realty's co-founder, Leone Collins.

Bass Point
Simplicity, Serenity, Peace!

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